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Ava Morgyn is a native Texan who grew up falling in love with all the wrong characters in all the wrong stories. She is a lover of crystals, tarot, and powerful women with bad reputations. She studied English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University in Austin and currently resides with her family in Houston, where she lives surrounded by antiques and dog hair and writes a blog on child loss ( When she isn’t at her laptop spinning darkly hypnotic tales, she can be found reading, hunting for delicious plant-based recipes, or wandering a forest. 


She is the author of YA novels Resurrection Girls and The Salt in Our Blood, and paranormal women's fiction, Bone Hill, releasing fall of 2022 from St. Martin's Griffin.


How did you get published/find an agent? Do you have any advice?
My road to publishing has been long and winding. The short version is this: I queried like everyone else until I found my way out of the slush pile a couple of times. If you want to be an author, my advice is to persevere. Write what excites and inspires you, and hone your unique voice. And then be courageous enough to ask important people to read what you've written, over and over again if that's what it takes. And when those people take the time to respond with a personalized rejection and a few nuggets of wisdom, listen and be grateful even though you're disappointed. There is so much to learn. 

What's your writing process like?
I need quiet and as little distraction as possible, which means I'm not one of the cool kids who writes to music or in a coffee shop. I prefer to write at home in the mornings and afternoons, and take I several breaks throughout the day. I usually sustain my creative flow with never-ending cups of decaffeinated green or herbal tea. 

What do you do aside from writing?
I mom. I mom my kids and their friends. I mom my husband. I mom the dogs. When I'm not momming, I read or binge watch my favorite shows, hang out with my dogs, or find a thrift or antique store to excavate. If I'm feeling really perky, I might cook something delicious and plant-based. 

Favorite books?
Wuthering Heights, Mists of Avalon, Lord of the Rings, The Handmaid's Tale, The Last Unicorn, Confederacy of Dunces, The Red Tent, The Foretelling, Social Creature, Vita Nostra, and Circe. 

Favorite movies and television shows?
Practical Magic, The Last Unicorn, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, Sideways, Spirited Away, The Big Lebowski, The Lord of the Rings, all the Harry Potter films, and a bunch more I'm probably forgetting.

Game of Thrones (before the final season), The Office, The Handmaid's Tale, The Last Kingdom, The Magicians, What We Do in the Shadows, and Succession—to name a few.  

Favorite animal? 
Unicorns and my dogs—Takoda​ and Nola Sue.

Favorite Food? 
Vegan chili with cashew cream, chickpea curry, Masala Lay's​, pineapple, avocados, raspberries, fresh cherries, and anything with coconut milk, cinnamon, or jalapenos.

Astrological Sign?
Gemini sun, Aries moon, Sagittarius rising.

Personality Type? 

DnD Character?
Forest Gnome Druid—neutral good

What is SUDC?
SUDC stands for Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood and can occur in children from 12 months to 18 years of age. In late 2017, my beautiful, fearless, and beloved daughter, Evelyn, died this way in her sleep. She was 18 years old and two weeks away from going off to the college of her dreams. We are still working with researchers to try and determine the exact cause of Evelyn's death, but it is believed she suffered from a fatal arrhythmia. You can learn more about SUDC at the website for the SUDC Foundation. You can read more about Evelyn and my experience of grief and child loss at my blog

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