I don't want to make her mistakes. I want to make my own.

Ten years ago, Cat's volatile mother, Mary, left her at her grandmother's house with nothing but a deck of tarot cards. But after her grandmother dies, Cat is forced to move in with Mary in New Orleans. When she discovers a picture of Mary holding a baby that's not her, she unravels a dark family history and questions her belief that Mary's mental health issues are the root of all their problems. 

But as Cat explores the reasons for her mother's breakdown, she fears she is experiencing her own. Ever since she arrived in New Orleans, she's been haunted by strangely familiar visitors who know more than they should.

Unsure if she can rebuild her relationship with her mother, Cat is realizing she must confront her past, her future, and herself in the fight to try.

Albert Whitman & Company

March 2, 2021

Trigger Warnings:

Death + grief, mental illness (bipolar disorder--mania + depression), suicide, child loss, stillbirth, the discussion of rape and sexual abuse, sexual content, language.


"Mystical ..."

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