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Bookstagram OBSESSED

As an author, it's a given that I love books. But I also love book culture, book aesthetic, and especially book people. I've been a little late to the party when it comes to Instagram, but the thing that really persuaded me to put my social media focus on it over my other accounts is bookstagram. And I am now, officially, obsessed.

For those who don't know (really? REALLY?? Is there anyone who needs to read this part? Book savvy folks can skip ahead), bookstagram is basically books on Instagram. Most people work really hard to formulate an aesthetic for their bookstagram posts and keep it cohesive. And if you think this is easy, think again. A lot of focus and work and love goes into these images, and I adore seeing them in my feed. I love posting them too!

Books are really amazing works of art that are available to the everyman or everywoman. When you stop to consider how much time and money and effort goes into that hardcover or paperback you're's humbling to say the least. Before bookstagram, I continually got rid of the books I read. Even when I loved the stories and covers. That was because I rarely read anything more than once. And I couldn't justify holding on to all those copies for no real reason. But thanks to bookstagram, I now have a valid reason to become the crotchety, old, book-hoarding crone I've always longed to be.

Today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite bookstagram accounts that maybe don't get as much love as I think they deserve. They might be newer or smaller than some of the larger, more well-known accounts, but their followings do NOT reflect their style. They are committed to beautiful posts and feed with every shot, and they have curated incredible aesthetics that deserve to be in the spotlight. So, without further ado...

1. @dcmarinoauthor

This beautiful account has long been a fave of mine. She's actually a self-published author, but her bookstagram shots are amaze-balls. She has a very LOTR vibe that I adore, and she also features some of her incredible decorating skills in her shots and stories. I honestly do not know how her following is not massive yet.

2. @dlgillis20

This account literally has some of the best witchy/dark academia vibes EVER. I would love to know where she gets all her goodies that she includes in these shots with the books because I swear she has the coolest assortment of objet d'art. Darkly themed accounts are usually my favorites, but I feel like they don't get as much attention as lightly themed accounts.

3. @thebookishcrypt

A little like the account above, this account has a very dark look. But with more of a gothic and less of a dark academia feel. Again, I see countless all-white or cream-and-tan accounts that get loads of likes and follows, but the darker accounts are somehow overlooked. But I love this aesthetic. Following this account is like celebrating Halloween all year long.

4. @bookishy

This account is ticking all the boxes. Covers. Title pages. Flat lays. Angles. Color coordinated. I like the moody, natural lighting and homey/cottage core aesthetic. Think burlap, wildflowers, and fall leaves. But also, expect to see the occasional crown and magic wand. Really, a beautiful account that just needs to be discovered.

5. @mollythegemini

This account is truly SO. MUCH. FUN. Why does she not have a bajillion (actual number) followers already? Beats me. Dark but colorful with a dash of witch aesthetic, she does really good spine shots and groupings. And I like that her pictures are close and full. Expect the occasional adorable selfie in here too.

6. @avamorgyn (MINE!)

Okay, maybe it's tacky to include myself here (is not!), but I truly love posting to Instagram more than any other platform. So, it's the actual best place to follow me. I have upped my bookstagram game a lot over time, and today I even managed to post my first video carousel featuring a tour of my new, vintage bookcases. Most of my posts include fun animations and items from my personal collection of crystals, witchcraft supplies, and antique and vintage pieces. And dogs. They're super cute and worth the follow, I promise.




Ten years ago, Cat's mother, Mary, left her at her grandmother's house with nothing but a deck of tarot cards. After her grandmother dies, Cat is forced to move in with Mary in New Orleans. When she discovers a picture of Mary holding a baby that's not her, she unravels a dark family history and questions her beliefs about Mary's mental health issues. But as Cat explores the reasons for her mother's breakdown, she fears she is experiencing her own. Ever since she arrived, she's been haunted by strangely familiar visitors who know more than they should. Unsure if she can rebuild her relationship with her mother, Cat is realizing she must confront her past, her future, and herself in the fight to try.

"Literary without being too verbose, the sheer language of the story qualifies it as a fantastic read." –Foreword Reviews on RESURRECTION GIRLS, starred

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