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Resurrection Girls Cover Reveal + New Website

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Books take a long time to birth.

To give you somewhat of an idea of the buildup to this moment, I began writing Resurrection Girls at the start of 2015. I sold Resurrection Girls in June 2017. Today, in April of 2019, I can finally reveal the cover to you. And in October of this year, the book itself.

And to think, I used to believe I wasn't good at commitment.

I'm pretty sure my journey as a fiction writer coupled with my marriage of 21 years have blown that theory out of the water.

When my publisher first began talking about cover design, I was so curious what they were envisioning. Even though I wrote this novel and love every facet of it, I could never picture a cover for it. I just had no idea how to represent Resurrection Girls in a single image. It felt too complex a task.

But as I began to get inklings of the direction they were taking, my enthusiasm grew. I adore this cover. It says so much about the novel without revealing more than it should. Illustrated covers are typically my favorites. And this artist has such a unique, dark-storybook vibe which resonates perfectly with my characters and their experiences. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that nearly everything you see in the cover image is pulled directly from the novel's symbolism.

I hope you love the cover for Resurrection Girls as much as I do. More importantly, when October rolls around, I hope you read and love the story as much as I do. Like a new mother, I am so proud of this work and where it's going to go in the world.

(Did I mention my fiction work was dark? I feel like you get it, looking at this cover.)

Please feel free to share this cover image if you love it too!

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This has been a BIG week of reveals for me. In addition to being able to give you my new cover today, I revealed my newly designed website yesterday. Both of which hold very special places in my heart. I hope you take a moment to visit my website and learn a bit about me and my work.

And keep checking back! There is more big news on the horizon for Resurrection Girls and Ava Morgyn. I'll be posting more frequently now that the site is finished and we are gearing up to the release.

Big love,




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