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The Salt In Our Blood - Releasing 2021

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

So this happened.

I'm still wrapping my head around it. It feels a bit like a second lottery win. The first time, I mean, whoa. But again? REALLY? So awesome. (Pinches self. Yelps. Poutily rubs arm.)

I'll tell you a little secret. I've been at this writing thing for many years. So while this is my second release as Ava Morgyn, it's hardly my first — or second — rodeo. And I am just genuinely thrilled to have another opportunity to share my love of storytelling with you.

Have you ever been on the phone, chatting away, when you realize the call dropped and you've been talking animatedly for exactly 45 seconds without realizing no one was there listening? Even if you're alone when it happens, it still feels humiliating. That's a little what writing a book and not finding representation, or getting a deal, or meeting with readers feels like. Only, instead of that 45-second, all-in investment, you've given six months, or perhaps a year or more, heart and soul. Just like that dropped call. Just animatedly doing your thing and then realizing, blunt-force style, that no one is listening. And it can feel humiliating. Or disappointing. Or some mix of those things.

Because, at the end of the day, stories are meant to be heard. They are meant to be read. It is rarely fulfilling enough for a writer to simply write for themselves. The satisfaction, for me, is not truly there until I connect with someone on the other end. Being given an opportunity for that, again, is truly joyful for me.

And frankly, I cannot wait for you to meet the characters of THE SALT IN OUR BLOOD. Cat, the cautious, mature teen daughter who is still nursing a lot of old pain and resentment toward her mother. And Mary, the mother who abandoned her ten years earlier, fighting with her own feelings of guilt and shame while struggling to manage bipolar disorder. And Daniel, whose love of his city is infectious, even as Cat focuses on simply getting out. And of course, New Orleans itself. Because is there a more magical, terrifying place in the Northern Hemisphere? Plus, a deck of tarot cards that are so much more than ink on paper and a closet full of haunting family secrets begging to be excavated. It's truly a gothic fantasy full of heart about our need for connection, how family shapes us, and whether or not the truth can really set you free.

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Olivia stopped living the day her brother died. Three years ago, Robby toddled into the backyard pool and drowned. Olivia can no longer remember what it feels like to really be alive, until the Hallas women move in across the street. Kara, who is Olivia's age, has morbid fascinations—but Olivia's family has secrets of their own. The deeper Kara draws Olivia into the impulsive and seductive web of her world, the more Olivia finds herself confronting the unraveling of her family's connection to the land of the living.

"It is a raw, captivating exploration of grief, friendship, and the reclamation of life." –Booklist



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