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Our Story

If you're going to read my novels, if you're going understand me as a writer, as a mother, as a person, then you should know my story. Because this story now colors everything I do. It informs every word I write.

I wrote Resurrection Girls prior to this, which is almost unbelievable to me now. It was the prelude to my own terrible story of devastating loss. But I edited the novel over this last year, in the months of my deep, early grief — a painful process to be sure. So it, too, has been touched by my truth, both before and after losing Evelyn.


In The Before, we were a happy family of five—myself, my husband, our oldest daughter who had just turned 20, Evelyn who was only weeks away from going away to college, and our son who had finished his first year of high school. The Before is what I call the life we had prior to Evelyn's passing. It was fraught with its own challenges, but if we had anything going in our favor, it was each other. It was that as a family, we excelled.

We are one heart.


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